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Shop Funky Shower Curtains with Cool Graphics, Dream Catchers, Abstract Designs and more!

Shower Curtains With Sayings

Shower Curtains with Quotes and Sayings: If you like sweet little nothings and inspirational messages then this is the shower curtain collection for you.  Shop all of our shower curtains that contain quotes, sayings or just fun words to go along with the design.

Funky Cool Graphic Shower Curtains

Funky Cool Graphics Shower Curtains: A huge collection of graphic shower curtains collected across all of our collections.  You will find some of our most vibrant, fun bathroom decor that uses really cool graphics.  

Dream Catcher Shower Curtains

Dream Catcher Shower Curtains: A classic idea reimagined to bring a creative and unique approach to shower curtains.  Find boho, chic, eclectic and eccentric dream catcher shower curtains only at Folk N Funky

Abstract Shower Curtains

Abstract Shower Curtains: In our collection of abstract shower curtains you will find lots of designs.  From mixed colors to fun designs you are sure to find shower curtains that you will fall in love with.


Silhouette Shower Curtains: Shop our shower curtain designs that feature silhouette animals, trees, mermaids and more.  A great selection of funky bathroom decor to spice up your home and give you a unique and creative addition to your shower.

Rustic & Grunge Shower Curtains

Rustic & Grunge Shower Curtains: Shop a unique and creative assortment of rustic and grunge shower curtain designs.  From lumberjack cabin style to grunge elephants, you will find that perfect shower curtain to blend your bathroom decor together