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Indie Elephant Throw Pillow
Indie Elephant Throw Pillow

Indie Elephant Throw Pillow

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Indie Elephant Throw Pillow 

You ever just need something that you can look at, and have it make you feel instantly better. What if you could reach out and squeeze that thing tight? What if it didn't have legs that would fall asleep if you were to lay on it too long?  The wonderful light-hearted and easy spirit of these stylish throw pillows is exactly what you are looking for!

  • Your choice of materials from polyester for maximum durability, cotton twill for it's unique look and feel or the elegance and class of suede.
  • Cotton twill and suede pillows can not be ordered without a zipper. This allows for cleaning of your throw pillow cover.
  • Custom quotes can be provided for all sizes and materials if you only need throw pillow covers.
  • Printed and shipped in the USA!

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