Lavender Nights Boho Chic Window Curtains

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Lavender Nights Boho ChicWindow Curtains

Through 5/19/2019 - Automatic 10% discount applies to 48"x84" sizes!

An elegant transition of cream and lilac offer an abstract feeling of a calm relaxed evening looking at the stars on this window curtain design.  Easy to hang and durable they seamlessly blend right into your existing decor for a nice, stylish and classy appeal.   

  • Made from soft 100% polyester fabric for brilliant images.
  • Custom design printed on the front, the reverse side is white.
  • 2" pole loopholes with hemmed edges for durability.
  • We will happily quote custom sizes.
  • Free Shipping to the United States
 42" x 63" 2 Panels
 42" x 84" 2 Panels
 48" x 84" 2 Panels
 40" x 14" Valances