Boho Window Curtains, Faux Patchwork

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Boho Window Curtains, Faux Patchwork

These graphically designed window curtains are for the people who find life thrilling!  These curtains are full of joy, fun and also bring a nice light feel to your room.  Plenty of color options to blend with your decor!  Live the not boring life in style and put a smile on your face every time you walk in!

Don't forget about the lower energy bills with 50% sunlight reduction, your A/C won't need to work as hard on these hot days! Don't let the opportunity pass you to make your home better.  Add to your cart today.

  • Made from soft 100% polyester fabric for brilliant images.
  • Custom design printed on front, reverse side is white.
  • 2" pole loop holes with hemmed edges for durability.
  • 50% light reduction.
  • We will happily quote custom sizes.
  • Free Shipping to the United States
 42" x 63" 2 Panels
 42" x 84" 2 Panels
 48" x 84" 2 Panels
 40" x 14" Valances