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Vintage Roses Pattern

Regular price $ 69.00

Vintage Roses Pattern Shower Curtain, Bath Mat, Bath & Hand Towels 

What is your favorite part of a rose? Is it how they look when they grow in the garden?  The aroma of a fresh snipped rose?  Roses are beautiful and they are down right sweet. Sweeten your bathroom with this shower set!

  • All products made with mold resistant materials
  • Bath & Hand Towels made with super soft poly-fiber.
  • Custom printed in the U.S.A.
  • Custom sizes can be requested, shoot us a message!

You can pick individual items or Save $15.00 and purchase a set!
Set contains 1 Shower Curtain, 1 Bath Mat and 2 Bath Towels, 1 Hand Towel

Product Dimensions in Inches
Shower Curtain 71" x 74"
Large Shower Curtain         70" x 90"
Hand Towel 16" x 25"
Bath Towel 30" x 60"
Bath Mat 24" x 17"
Large Bath Mat 34" x 21"