Retro Girl Beach Bag Tote
Retro Girl Beach Weekender Tote Bag

Retro Girl Beach Weekender Tote Bag

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Retro Girl Beach Weekender Tote Bag

2 feet long and more than 1 foot deep to carry all your necessities!

Summer is here!  While you are busy running around doing everything you can to keep the family on schedule and keeping it together, wouldn't it be a relief if you had something to keep your things together?  The weekender tote is the perfect casual accessory!  Take it to the beach and have all your towels, sunscreen, drinks and books in one place.  Take it to the soccer game so you don't have to carry an armload of blankets and sweatshirts for those evening games!  

-Key Features-

  • Wide and designed to hold a large number of items. 24" x 13"
  • Wide woven strap makes sure that you are comfortable carrying your large number of items!
  • Fabric is woven in the USA
  • Imported Cotton Straps
  • Free Shipping to the United States!